Thank you so much to Escape Authority for playing the Roosevelt Room and taking the time to put together this review! Palace Games is so excited to have received a 6th key from Escape Authority – adding an additional key to their 5 key rating system!

We are still blown away by Roosevelt Escape Room review from Escape Authority and wanted to be sure to share it with you.


Escape Authority’s 6 Key Rating

Here are some of the things Escape Authority has to say about The Roosevelt Escape Room:

“The Roosevelt Room is an attraction both smart and fun, resulting in an overall experience that simply and instantly becomes a benchmark for the escape game genre as a whole.”

“What can I say about The Roosevelt Room? No, honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Even months later my brain is still attempting to process the grandeur and scale this game manages to achieve, but one thing is certain – it’s simply one of the best escape rooms I’ll likely ever see.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and see a lot of really cool things – but in all of those experiences it’s inherently rare to find a staff of employees so kind, so enthusiastic and so accommodating that they’d literally make their own days of work more complicated by finding the time to help out our team, solely so they could ensure we’d be able to see their product as it was designed to be seen.”

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