“The Roosevelt Room is an attraction both smart and fun, resulting in an overall experience that simply and instantly becomes a benchmark for the escape game genre as a whole.” – Escape Authority

“The Roosevelt Room is the best escape room game out of the 50+ that I’ve played. ” – Escape Room Tips

“[The Great Houdini Escape Room and The Roosevelt Escape Room] are by far the best one I have done in my 50+ escape rooms across the United States and Europe, so this wins my “best in North America” rating. Every single one of my friends who has also done this agrees with me on the exceptional quality of these room.

These are so good that, for any escape room fanatic based in North America, I would recommend organizing a special journey to San Francisco just to do this.” – Quora


“I love all escape rooms.  But the Roosevelt Room, which we just did this afternoon, is far and away THE BEST and most elaborate escape room I have ever experienced… it is on an entirely different level…” – James K. via Yelp


“Mind blown!  Just played ROOSEVELT ROOM with a team of 9… Palace Games hands down make the best escape games – great storyline, puzzle types (not just a bunch of locks), trap doors, and technology that they use, customer service, etc…” – Jennifer L. via Yelp


“I’ve done both the Houdini and the Roosevelt room and both of these rooms are the most whizz bang escape rooms I’ve ever done. Feels like playing a video game in real life. The room is atmospheric, the puzzles are layered and the experience is full of surprises…” – Jan C. via TripAdvisor


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